About Me


I have been working in the art/graphic world for the last 17 years.  During my career, I have acquired a broad background in many types or processes.  Currently, I’m the go to person for using and creating Prezi to help attorney/speakers deliver great presentations.  I  have also help the firm develop interact presentations, interactive games and other art pieces.  I have worked for Illustration companies, Marketing Department, Design Firms, Print Shop and Screen Printing Shops. I have worked for Manufacturing companies, Oil companies, Direct Mail Magazines, Law Firms and Restaurant Corporations. A quick review of my areas of specialty, Prezi, PowerPoint, Flash, Layout & Design, Web Design, Logo, Illustrations. I have been in charge for setting production schedules and have had people work under me and most importantly, I worked great within a team. I would like to setup at time for you to review all my work.  I can provide a full portfolio and list of references.  


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Ray Perez